Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Giuliano Got Baptized

Me and Anziano Alesssandro

Anziano Alessandro, Giuliano and me

Hey!! Giuliano got baptized!! He wasn't sure last Saturday and then told us he would tell us later in the week, so we told him to pray about it. Then on Thursday we got a call from him and he said that he wanted to get baptized on Saturday because he needs the blessing in his life. So he got baptized and everything went perfect! I'll be sure to send pictures! It was great and the members have been really supportive of him! It has been really cool seeing him apply the teachings of the gospel in his life and slowly change for the better. He really seems a lot happier now. Then on Monday we did an exchange with the Anziani in Foggia. I went with Anziano Jones and Anziano Alessandro went to Foggia to do the exchange with Anziano Nelson. It is Anziano Jones first transfer and he is a really good missionary. He speaks the language very well for his first transfer. So we had a good day of teaching our investigators and the usual finding. Other than that my companion has just been slowly healing from getting his wisdom tooth pulled, poor guy. But he has been a trooper and has pushed through it wanting to get out there and work. So we are really hoping that the members will get more excited about missionary work after this baptism and we are always looking for new ways to find people. I am jealous of the picture Dad sent me! Looks like he had a good time! Haha How long was he there for! Tell him to get back to work! ha I'm glad he got a nice little break. Well today we got together with the other missionaries to play soccer. It was a lot of fun! Anziano Badger and I always talk about doing crazy man stuff when we get back. We are going to go bow hunting and even possibly spear hunting and we are going to grow out a beard. Don't worry... It won't be too long. Well I hope all is well at home! Are you all getting ready for Halloween yet? Are the haunted houses open yet? I miss em! Well I love you tons!!! Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Time is Flying

Hey! Yesterday we had Zone conference. It was really great. We had like 10 missionaries stay at our house so it was a little crazy, but we had a good time! The week has mainly been working with our investigators with a baptismal date. It is looking like we will have one of them on the 22nd if everything goes as planned. Fratello Carlucci has just continued to help us a lot. I hope you don't mind that I have been inviting some Italians to come stay at our house on vacation after the mission.. If it's not alright, we will figure something out. The members have finally returned so I was able to meet everyone. The members are great. Most of them seem just like members back at home. We started our english course up and we had an alright turn out for the first day. There was about 20 people and we are hoping that more turn up this next week. We have done a lot of publicity for that. The mission has really been trying to focus on setting baptismal dates lately, so we have really been working hard on that, trying to invite all of our investigators and people that are interested in the Church to be baptized. Sounds like you all had a good time in St. George. I'm glad you had a good break. I guess this week I hit my six month mark! That is scary! Time is flying. I still truly feel like I'm a new missionary. I see all of these new missionaries at the Zone Conference and it freaks me out because I'm still the young one! I love the mission it has been an incredible experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have met some incredible people that I will be friends with for the rest of my life. That's exciting all the work you have done on the kitchen. I'm sure it looks great. I wish I could help out. No I really don't feel like I need anything everything is going good. Yeah it would probably be best to send everything to the mission office. Just because they are always there and its hard for it to get lost in Rome. But thanks anyway! Yes I did get the letter with Colton's greaduation announcement! I can't believe he is finished. Is he enjoying the summer? Wow that is cool that Dad talked to Elder Holland! He is awesome. He is very straight forward and isn't afraid to speak the truth. It also sounds like things are going well in the football world! You will have to wish good luck to Harrison and Alex for me! I am sure they are doing great! Anyway better run! Love you tons and thanks for writing!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Things are looking Pretty Promising

Bari is great. It has been nice getting in the swing of things lately. I feel like I already know the area pretty well and know all of our investigators as well. They are all great. Right now we have 4 baptismal dates and we are hoping that we will set 2 more this week. Things are looking pretty promising. The members here are great as well. One of my favorites is a member named Brother Carlucci. He is an incredible member. He is about 83 years old and tries to come to a lot of our lessons. He is always helping out with the missionary work.  Me and Anziano Alessandro seem to get along well. He is a very good teacher and is a good hard worker. Next Tuesday is our zone confrence so we are looking forward to that. I guess all the missionaries stay with us. So we will have about 10 missionaries to pick up after. Hopefully they won't make to big of a mess. But nothing much has happened this week. The weather is slowly getting nicer so the people are getting more friendly. Haha I didn't leave a mess. I cleaned up all my stuff. And Anziano Marengo wanted to catch the bus early, I told him that we should stay and clean but he insisted that we take the bus early so I was kind of obligated. But I promise it wasn't me. haha I like a clean house. I hope that Anziano Miller is enjoying training! I heard his companion is a good missionary. Anyway today I think we are going to go to play soccer with the other Anziani. I think next week we are going to go to a place called Albero Bello. Which I hear is incredibly beautiful. So that should be fun. Anyway I have got to run the other Anziani are waiting on us to come play soccer. So I wish you well. Love you all! Have a great week!