Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This New Area Is Great!

Hey! It's totally fine that you got this off late cause we did email later today anyway! How is everything at home going? Sounds like you are busy busy! Is there anything I can do for you? There is only one Mom That I know that could do all that, and it is Mia Madre! It sounds like just craziness with all of that and the wedding planning and what not! Good thing I'm not there cause I'm sure I would just be another person in the way! I love the mission anyway, This new area is great! It is still in the Rome Zone! So we are only a 15 minute ride on the metro away from the coloseum and all that fun stuff! Our district is great and it is a small one. It's Anziano Wright from Alpine Utah, Sorella Pearson from Northern California and Sorella Camp from Southern California and they are all great! I really like our district! I love the people we are teaching so much.  There are some really great investigators and I love the ward too!! I have already eaten at two members houses! It's sometimes hard eating at members houses. They give you the best food but just way too much of it and you feel like you are going to explode because they will get offended if you don't eat it all. Haha they always say," ANZIANO Do  you not like the food?" and you try to explain that there just isn't any room in your stomach to eat it but it is delicious! And for some strange reason they don't care and want you to eat it all! Haha But it is so good! I love it! One of the houses we ate at was the house of a recent convert and his family aren't members so we are working with them. But he has a really cool conversion story! His friend is a Jehovah Witness and he came across missionaries and wanted to read The Book of Mormon but couldn't because in their church you can't read any religous books that are not of their church.  He gave it to his friend to see what he thought of it. So his friend started to read it and got a huge testimony of the Church and started meeting with the missionaries and a month later was baptized! He is such a great member and his family is really great to and I can't wait to teach them more! It is really great here I really love it! Oh yeah our new apartment is cool inside! Haha it looks like an old grandmas apartment and there are tons of old photos on the wall haha it's pretty funny! I'll have to send pictures soon. I have played soccer but only like twice I wish I could play more. Like 4 preparation days back, we played volleyball with a bunch of missionaries in our zone and that was a lot of fun! Anyways I better run! Love you tons!! CIAO!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Transfer News is In

Transfer news is in! I will be serving with Anziano Wright this transfer in the Rome 3 area!! Rome 3 is the southern part of Rome but still in the big city so I won't be moving very far but I am very excited to serve in this area with Anziano  Wright! He has been out for a little over a year, so I will be able to learn the language better. I was talking to Anziano Wright today and he said that the ward in Rome 3 is great so I'll be looking forward to that! This week was Great! Lodi got baptized! She asked Anziano Shipton to baptize her and she asked me to do the confirmation. So everything went good with that until I told her that I was getting transferred. Haha Then she chewed me out and said that I can't leave her cause she hasn't learned everything yet and was pretty upset but we explained that I would be able to come teach her again this transfer and she understood that it wasn't my choice to go. So yesterday we went to teach her and she got me 2 ties and some t-shirts as a parting gift. She is too nice! This week we got a sweet referral from the church about this Italian guy that wanted a copy of a movie about finding happiness and we met with him and he is a great investigator and seems very interested in the church. He asked really good questions and was wondering the other day why no churches (other than our church) practice baptisms for the dead, when it talks about it in the Bible. We are really excited and think things will turn out well with him. So other than that we have just been teaching lessons and getting ready for English class which starts tonight. Last week we went to the Sistine chapel! It was incredible!! And yes I did take lots of pictures. Preparation day in Rome is so much fun and there are so many things to see but today we just decided to take it easy and pack things and get ready for me to leave tomorrow. But I have managed to see the vatican, colosseo, trevi fountain, spanish steps, the pantheon, and the sistine chapel. I think one week we are going to rent bikes and go biking through Rome which would be pretty fun. I also have a lot of photos that I could send if you want them now. Just let me know when and I'll send them. Vi Voglio Bene!! Ciao!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time Is Going By Way too Fast!

Hey! This week has been another pretty good week! Unfortunatly the ward mission leader decided to postpone the baptism of Lodi to this week so we are still looking forward to that! On Sunday we were on the bus heading towards the temple sight to teach a member in our ward and we ran into a group of girls from BYU going to see the temple sight. What are the chances of that? And today at the mission home, a bunch of Italian news papers are coming by to interview President Kelly and some other Church officials about the temple.They have a huge model in the mission home of the temple ground and what everything will look like that the architects made. It's really cool looking and they took a  bunch of pictures of it. So the temple is getting a lot of attention. Which reminds me. When should I send more pictures home? I can't believe in two days it will be my quarter mark!!! Time is going by way too fast! I wish it was going slower! We haven't received transfer calls yet, but we will get them this Saturday! I hope I stay too but I'll be fine with going anywhere. Oh yeah yesterday we had this lady come up to us and start trying to bash our church and talked about how the Book of Mormon isn't a Book of God. I probably should have walked away but we talked to her and showed her a bunch of scriptures in the Bible that referred to our teachings and I think we got her thinking a bit. It seems like we have a lot of people trying to destroy our faith but you just have to explain the truth and testify of it. I think a lot of them are just really confused and don't fully understand our church. . Sounds like some really good fun football games! Wow really close! Today we are going to go see the Sistine Chapel, so I am really excited for that. I'll be sure to take lots of  pictures! I also really loved those quotes thanks for sharing! The work is still going really good here! We are teaching a lot and just getting ready for English course so that should be fun!  I have to run so we can spend a lot of time at the Sistine! Love you tons and thanks for writing!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good Things Happening in Rome Right Now

Hey thanks for writing! This week has been a really good week! Earlier this week we were walking back home from passing out advertisements for our English course and we ran into this long haired college guy who totally looked like he wasn't going to listen to us but he ended up being very interested in the church and we have taught two lessons to him and the second lesson he brought his friend. We had a great lesson with both of them and on Sunday they showed up to church so we are really excited about them! This week we got 8 investigators to come to church so bishop was really excited and told us that he wants to give us a referral of a family that is friends with his family (the last family referral he gave, the family ended up getting baptized last month). So we are really excited about the busy work right now!  The other day the assistants had an amazing thing happen! They were sitting in the church and heard the doorbell ring and they ran outside to answer it. When they opened the door a lady was standing there looking very happy to see that someone was at the church. She explained that the night before she had a dream that Jesus brought her a Book of Mormon! So she wants to learn more about the church and her and her husband have a baptismal date and they have two younger kids who are 7 and I think 4! So a lot of good things are happening in Rome right now! It has been so much fun serving here and this transfer is almost over! It felt like it started last week. Today we had a lot of fun playing volleyball for Preparation Day but I still need to see the Sistine chapel so hopefully I can do that next week! Anyways thanks for everything and I'll be sure to write grandma and grandpa! Love you tons CIAO!!!