Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pictures from Palermo

An incredible cathedral in Palermo

The Catholic line of Authority
Hey! I am glad to hear you got all of the letters yesterday! I loved taking all of the pictures and am trying to get better at using the camera! And yes that picture with Anziano Banks was in our apartment which is really nice and spacious even with 6 people now. Last transfer there were only 4 but I still love it. Yes Anziano Longhurst is from Springville and he is funny and easy to get along with, I love everyone in our apartment. We attend church in a ward about 15 minutes away from our house and there are probably around 70 members in our ward so its pretty big. The roll with gelato in it is called a brioches and they are amazing! The other one is a cannolo it's this hollow shell thing that is filled through the middle with ricotta cheese inside and they are amazing. And in Italian when you want to make something plural you change the endings from o to i and from a to e. So Anziano goes to Anziani and Sorella goes to Sorelle and more than one pizza here is changed to pizze. Kinda weird haha. That's great to hear about all this fun you have had the last week in St. George. I love to hear about all of the cousins and everyone getting along! Grandma and Grandpa are so great! They and the rest of our family are so great! On a side note this week has been really hard. I have continued to have those crazy attacks where I feel terrible and my head gets really tight.  I told the mission doctor about it and they might fly me up to Rome on Friday to check me out but they aren't sure. He said it could be my nasal cavity but I really just don't know. If you want to try to look up stuff on it that would be helpful to. The symptoms are my head gets really tight and I feel like I can't breathe and my ears pop a little but I just can't figure it out.  Don't get worried it's just something I want you to know and that's why the doctor wants to check up on this. But I'm sure I'll be fine and just can't wait to get back to working 100 percent! LOVE YOU TONS!!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011


My  District

Elder Banks (an AP in our mission) came to Palermo and we went on splits since Elder Tinoco is a Zone Leader

Hey! Yes I am happy to be in Palermo! We have two new Anziani in here now so our house is full with six missionaries which makes it alot of fun. Anziano Scotschi (from Italy) and a new missionary Anziano Longhurst (from Springville Utah), they are great and fun to be around! Then we saw a miracle yesterday! The sons of the man we baptized, who at first didn't want to even say hi to us,  but then we did a family home evening with them and it opened their hearts up and the two sons and their friend decided to ask us some basic religious questions about the purpose of this life and what sets our Church apart from others. We taught the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration of The Church of Jesus Christ. The friend of the sons said he got chills from the Spirit when he prays and that he felt it throughout this lesson and wants this in his life. So now all three of them have a baptismal date! I'm so happy to see that through a simple thing, such as family home evening, the hearts of these three young men were opened up to the word of God and now it is leading them to come unto Christ through Baptism. I know that Family Home Evening is inspired by God and helps build strong testimonies and that it brings Families closer together. This change I saw in the hearts of these young men was a promise that I received and It is great to see that promise come to life. The new Anziano from Rome has an Ipod with tons of The Mormon messages on it and I have been watching them and they are great! I saw a few that really stood out that I think you should watch them. The first is called, Hope ya know, we had a hard time. Then watch voice of the spirit and last watch My new life. They are great and you can go on google and type in Mormon messages and watch them. Yes it has been getting hotter here and the humidity is bad but we just try to stay on the side of the streets with shade, because no one wants to talk to the missionaries in the heat so it's not to bad. I also have really missed our good long talks! It is so nice to just sit and talk about things to get it out of your system. That has probably been the hardest thing to leave behind. But I'm so grateful for you and being able to at least communicate through email. Oh and I heard that on Christmas we can Skype! So that's good news!  Anziano Banks was great to go on splits with! He really taught me alot! He is a machine with work and the best advice I got from him was that we need to talk to everyone and put fear behind us because it is either your fear or someone elses salvation and he said that has helped him feel more comfortable talking to people. He is a great missionary! I loved talking to the people by myself, it really makes you stretch yourself in the language and that was the best time I think I have ever spoken Italian. The Gift of tongues is real because when you need it The Lord helps you and it was like I was talking so fast and not over thinking the conjugations and it just flowed and they understood everything I said. It was a miracle, I know The Lord was helping me out! I hope you all had a great time in St.George and hope everyone is having a good time! Love you tons !!