Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trying to learn some Siciliano

My new companion is really cool! He is from Saint Luton, England. He plays rugby and he is a really hard working missionary! We will have a good transfer together. Anziano Weeks got a new companion, Anziano Miller, and he is a really nice kid. Anziano Mcmullen's accent is great! We sometimes tease him about things that he says haha. He has got a good sense of humor and is a powerful teacher. This week we have been trying to do a lot of finding. Here in Palermo you can get a lot of numbers and set up a lot of appointments but then they just don't show up to the appointment. So we need to find some more reliable investigators. Wow Todd Engen! He will be a great bishop! Yeah the bishopric will be really good. I did receive the wedding invitation but it would probably be better to send everything to the office cause I guess the mail man here in Palermo has ripped up missionaries letters in the past. That is great that you will have the Mota's over. Tell them Hi for me. And as for the mothers day stuff, we will set it up and let you know what time. It would be great if grandparents came if its alright with you. This week has been really fun. I have been trying to learn some Siciliano ( the dialect of Sicily). It is really different from Italian but sounds really cool! The members love teaching you it if you ask them. Hopefully I will be able to pick up quite a bit before I leave Sicily. It is Strawberry season here, so me and Anziano McMullen can't stop ourselves from buying them. They are so good! Especially with nutella on them! The fruit down here is probably the best in the world. Anyway I better run, It is a holiday in Italy today so our ward is throwing a party in church that we want to go to. Love you tons! Ciao! Hey Dad! Sorry I don't write as much these days. I just dont know what to write anymore haha. A lot of the same things happen every week. Usually we do finding forever and everyone says that they are Catholic, then we tell them that a young boy named Joseph Smith saw God the Father  and His Son Jesus Christ and they tell us that a friend saw Maria! So it is hard sometimes. Probably one of the most frustrating things I've ever done. No.. I mean it is the most frustrating thing I have ever done but it is all good. I love the mission. It just makes you thicker skinned. The mission has changed me but also really makes you feel out of place in a world of worldly things. So that's the hard part about it. Wow that is a great new goal!  Does Bart live close? How is he? You can do it! And I wish you the best of luck! I'm glad to hear Tayler and Jared are so happy! That is great! And GO UTES!!! That's awesome news! I really hope the Jazz do well also! GO NUGGETS!!! haha. What is the best advice you could give me for this time in my mission? Anyway Love you tons Dad! TVB!! CIAO!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Earthquake

Hello! This week has been great! First off earlier this week there was an earth quake! It was the first one that I have ever felt. It wasn't very big but it was kinda freaky. Then the next day we got transfer calls. I am staying here and Anziano Parry is off to Bari. We had a good run together but I guess it's time for us to part ways. My new companion will be Anziano Mcmullin (Don't think I spelled that right) he is from somewhere in England. So that will be cool! I have met him like twice before and he is way cool and nice! He too has been serving in Malta and will get here tomorrow. Then in Palermo 1 Anziano Davis got transfered and another Anziano will come so we are all going to be a little new to the area of Palermo.  Aside from that a pretty average week. We got to go to Mistretta on Monday to help the Sorelle with some stuff. Mistretta is incredible!! I loved it! Super duper Italian. The members that we met were awesome! They were way nice and had some strong testimonies. I would love it if Anziani could serve there! Italy is great. It grows on me more and more everyday! Sounds like everything in Dallas went really good! That's good. Taylers just growin up on us! haha Did you fly down to Dallas? And did the whole fam go? Wow I loved Bishop Handley as our Bishop. That's too bad but I'm sure they will get another great guy. So I figured that I should already start setting up for our calls on mothers day. What time would be best for me to call? So I can start talking to members about it. Well I hope everything is well at home. I hope Tayler is enjoying her new life. I love you all a ton a miss you!!! Ci Vediamo

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Can't Believe she's Married!

 Wow! I can't believe that she is married! Haha Congrats Tayler and Jared!!! I loved the pictures that you sent! Thank you so much for them! I hope you can send more soon! Sounds like everything went perfect and everyone was super helpful! How long will they be in California for? It seems like they are super happy together. They are great. Haha I loved the cardboard cut out! Haha I was joking about that! I can't believe you really did it! Haha You really didn't have to! but thanks anyway! My easter was great! We ate at the Catalanos house for lunch and then we had a good night of finding! It really was nice. Everyone here eats and sleeps for easter so it was a little rough finding people to talk to but it was fun anyway. How was your easter? Glad to hear that Colton is filling in my shoes with finding the prize egg. Brian and Heathers family always find it. I'm so sorry to hear about Porter! :( Him and his family are in my prayers and fasts! They are a great family. If there is anything I can do let me know! This week has been a good week! We got our interviews with President Kelly! It went really well! He is the best Mission President! Before the interviews we had a district meeting and he joined us to talk about our work and he gave us some really good advice for our investigators. Then on Monday was our cleaning day. We did a really deep clean of the house, so it has been nice living in a cleaner home! I'm hoping we can all keep it really clean. Anyway, this morning the other Anziani wanted to go to Cefal├╣. It was fun. Hopefully I can send pictures next week! Better run! LOve you tons!! Ciao!! Dad, First off, I am blown away that Tayler is married!! Wow!! That  is crazy! We finally did it Dad! We got rid of her!!!!!!! I thought we would never see the day! Haha Just kiddin! That is so great! Man, Really sounds like everything went really good! They look so happy together!! Wow! Jared really seems like a great guy! That is great to hear that you gave her a fathers blessing the day of! Those have always helped me out and I have always been grateful for you and the blessings you have given us! I will be sure to give them to my kids some day. That is great that you did initatory with Jared! I really miss the temple! I can't wait to go when I get back! I can't believe that transfer calls are this Saturday!! And I will Skype you all again 2 weeks into the next transfer! Sounds like everything is going great with work! WOW those are some big numbers! They better give you a promotion! haha. As long as you save up a little money so that you can come back to Italy with me I'll be happy! haha jk Anyway I would love it if you would egg the cowboys stadium for me and wow Mitt Romney!! what a guy! That's awesome!! Hope he wins! Better run! Love you tons!!! Ciao!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Conference was really sweet this week!

So conference was really sweet this week! I really enjoyed it! We got to see all of them but the Sunday night session. The spirit was really strong and we are really hoping that our investigators, who came, received answers to their prayers. I know that I did! I really liked the one talk given by Elder Hallstrom where he said you can be active in the church but less active in the gospel. It is so important that we don't just go through the motions without putting in the effort to strengthen ourselves and others in the gospel. All the talks were great and answers to prayers were received. Conference really is just a huge spiritual boast that helps people recognize that this isn't just some ordinary church. This church has more. I am grateful for the great spirit that I felt from the inspired leaders  of the church, that truly receive revelation from God, to guide his church. I can't believe that Tayler got to go through the temple! That is awesome! I miss going to the temple! It's such a great blessing to go to the temple. There is no greater spirit that I have felt than the spirit I have felt in the temple. I hope she had a good experience. I still can't believe that the wedding is this Saturday!!!! Wow, So wierd! I can't wait to hear about it. I hope everything goes perfect!  Yesterday we had Zone conference. We had a lot of trainings from President and Sorella Kelly and from our zone leaders and one of the Assistants. All of it went very well. I received answers to prayers there as well. It is awesome that we have an inspired President and also inspired leaders that give us great council and advice to direct the work of the Lord here in Italy. Anyway I love you all! Hope you have a great week and that everything goes well with the wedding!! Ciao!!