Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Focus on the Investigator"

First Mission Companion Anziano Cardinet
Anziano Embree
Andersen and Niccoli

Our District-Top row: Anziano Anderson, Anziano Madsen, Sorella Bowman, Sorella Jones, Anziono Cardinet, Anziano Proctor.  Bottom row: Anziano Madsen, Anziano Bradshaw, Anziano Larsen, Anziano Shipton and Anziano Hansen

 I have been so busy this week! Everything kind of just blends together! Days are long weeks are extremely fast. I dont really know what to talk about, I still love it here. Everyone is so great! The older missionaries in our zone are leaving on Monday! Then it will just be the group that has been here for 2 weeks. I think there are like 34 going to Milano and Roma in our younger group! I guess they need alot of people there. The food is really good and basketball is the best! Everyone in the Family has been so great with writing me and sending stuff! they are Awesome and continue to keep me going! I have had alot of time to study the language and right when you start to feel somewhat comfortable with any of it we learn like twice as much stuff! The older group has said that we already know more than they did when they were here for 2 weeks and they are pretty good at Italian, so thats real good! I feel like i have told you alot in my last letter and last email so i don't want to repeat anything twice cause i don't want you to think I am going Crazy! Im just so busy its hard to keep in mind what you have already said. I got your package with all the letters in it and stuff, thanks a ton! I saw the Ghiz's the other day. They are so nice and told me they would talk to everyone for me. They are going to be amazing missionaries! I think the hardest thing in the MTC are the chairs (no padding at all) haha! The Firesides are really nice and spiritutal but its hard to compete with the pain the chair dishs out on you haha. Guess i am going to have to work on those buns this week! Hmm what else. I kinda gave up on journal writing everynight cause I am so busy studying. Oh yeah, Yesterday we had to do TRC where you have to go talk to an Investigator or someone who pretends to be an investigator and share a discussion for like 35 minutes. We start out with basic chit chat in Italian and then we teach the whole lesson in English, until week four. Im pretty sure all of them are acting but its always in the back of your head that they could be a real investigator. We started out the lesson pretty rough and scattered to find scriptures and thoughts. She said that her husband died and was kind of interested in seeing why the church has so many missionaries and what they are sharing. About half way into the lesson I remembered what Fratello Bullouch shared," Focus on the investigator and what they are saying, not your companion, not your lesson plan or what your going to say, just focus on the investigator." Right when I did that you could feel a change in the room and it was like we knew where everything was and exactly what to say. The lesson ended strong and we shared Moronis promise with her and invited her to pray and even if she could ask if what we shared with her was true. When she was praying she started to cry! I was thinking either we did really good or she is just an amazing actor. I like to think that we did really good but you never know! Haha well i have to go Love you all bye!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Leap of Faith

Some of my district I've loved serving with.  Anziano's Shipton and Hansen.

The classroom where I spend most of my time.  Some of the Elders from my district.

Anziano Embree making a weird face.

Anziano Bradshaw, this isn't something out  of the ordinary for him to do.
Hey its Caleb, I just set up my email and so it took up alot of time so i only have 14 minutes left! But Tuesdays are my P Days so I can write you back then but Thanks a ton for writing! It really means alot. Anyways I have so much to say but not alot of time. I really miss everyone but everything here is so great! I love it so much! I was really scared about the MTC and how hard i thought it was going to be but it is completely opposite. I guess you just have to take that leap of faith and throw yourself into the work and the Lord will catch you and he did. I have a great companion, Anziano Cardinet. He is from Sacramento California and is alot of fun to be around. I am roomed with him and another companionship, Anziano Shipton from Idaho and Anziano Hansen from Northern Utah. They are awesome too! Our district has only been together for a few days but we are already so close it seems. We have six companionships going to Italia. Three are going to Milano and three to Roma. All of us have already been dreading the day that we are going to leave each other. We wish we could all go to the same mission but I know the Lord needs their great testimonies in Milano. I have two great teachers as well Fratello Bulloch and Fratello Tate. They are such amazing teachers and really know how to be lead by the spirit. They do all of their lessons in Italiano but it seems to be helping alot. We can already make out alot of what they are saying. We also learned to pray and bear our testiomonies. Im running out of time but I mailed Dad a letter earlier. I love you all so much and miss you alot.
Love Caleb!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Caleb's MTC Date


Caleb's date to enter the missionary training center arrived yesterday.  We were all a bit sad because we knew how much we'll miss him.  But we are very excited about this adventure he is about to endeavor on.  Caleb told us it was alot like waiting for Christmas because it seemed like this day wouldn't come soon enough.  His enthusiasm and positive attitude helped us to stay in good spirits.  We will keep everyone posted through Caleb's letters and pictures on this blog, so check back often.  I also know how much it means to him to get to hear from friends and family who are so supportive of his decision to serve a mission.  I will keep his address updated in the right hand column of this blog and any other info. you may need to know.
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